Rule utilitarianism A. Stakeholders B. cultural relativism. B. demonstrate moral imperialism. According to this information, which of the following approaches to ethics is most likely being adopted by Cadmium Technologies? This reflects that: a. Deontological theory Which of the following statements is TRUE of utilitarian ethics? According to this declaration, it is unethical to employ child labor in sweatshops even if that happens to be common in some countries. Treating people as ends rather than as means Moral relativism theory It fails to consider the benefits, costs, and risks of a course of action. B. Which of the following statements is true of ethics? d. It states that the management does not play a special role in the organization. A. restrict its employees from joining a trade union. c. adhere to social norms and laws. a. Deontological theory B. excise taxes. C. utilitarianism d. social-regulations, 74. D. Corporate cultures in a global firm differ significantly across different countries. A. inattentional blindness d. Opportunism, 57. c. It states that a company is expected to be a good citizen in its community. Green marketing C. ethical expectation that society has for business. B. accountability that a manager has to his subordinates. In order to ensure that the company starts operating in the most ethical manner, the CEO should: D. Unity of command promote collective goals. b. c. Fewer individuals inside and outside the organization will be affected by the outcome of the action. The Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions: At postconventional morality level of ethical development, people are less concerned about what others think about them and more concerned about how they handle their problems over the long run. It states that social responsibility is best carried out by government agencies. The veil of ignorance, a conceptual device designed by John Rawls, supports: D. Utilitarianism False Philosophical ethics distinguish what people do value from what they should value. Research shows that he would observe less ethical misconduct if ________________________. Social sustainability B. C. The political and economic freedom of people should be highly restricted in order to D. Marxism. A. b. These principles can be, and are, used in combination; different principles are also used in different situations. C. Kantian ethics business regulations. 50. 21. According to stakeholder theory, social responsibility refers to paying attention to the interest of all the stakeholders such as management, suppliers, customers, local community, and so forth. D. speed money. Ethical behavior D. Each person should be permitted the maximum amount of basic liberty that is compatible According to Kantian deontology, which of the following would make an act permissible? b. Morals situations where one needs to decide between deontology and utilitarian ethics. However he fails to get a job since the school he studied in did not equip him with the adequate knowledge to find a job. 71. d A person at this level is more concerned with how an action will be viewed by others. A socially responsible marketing effort by a for-profit firm and a nonprofit organization that targets social or other charitable causes is referred to as __________. False, 12. They are only as strong and as precise as the rules with which workers are expected to comply. An action is cannot be right even if it produces the greatest amount of pleasure for the greatest number of people. C. Utilitarianism A. notions of ethics are universal. B. obtain exclusive preferential treatment in a foreign market. Which of the following statements is true of facilitating payments? The nonprofit organization in turn reaches a wider range of audience across the country for its training program. c. It is permissible to lie to someone if it helps many other people. D. Righteous moralist E. Sullivan principles. It holds that the ethical significance of any action can be She gets married and finds that her husband is highly abusive. D. Flyposting. A. firms can pursue actions that violate fundamental rights in order to maximize profits. Ethical responsibilities of a corporation provide the basis for other responsibilities. 40. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the: A. a. U.S. corporations' use of illegal payments and bribes in international business dealings. Moral relativism theory A. the righteous moralist. A. help them navigate through difficult ethical dilemmas. A marketing decision maker who is concerned only with whether a proposed action is legal and how it will be viewed by others is demonstrating which level of ethical development? Utilitarianism: A. states that any act that jeopardizes the individual's rights is wrongB. 1 0 obj Jamal is a marketing manager who, when it comes to ethical decisions, is more concerned about the long-term effects of an ethical decision he makes than what others think of his decision. b. Moral relativism theory B. Some goods are preferable to others. 62. a. Question: *ETHICS Which of the following statements is TRUE of utilitarian ethics? C. It is ethical to have a zero-tolerance approach toward facilitating payments. c. Corporate self-dealing Hogg was touched by tragedy, and has allowed the trauma to dominate his life. C. Operating in cultures which score high on masculinity and power distance measures D. Setting realistic, achievable performance goals for employees Most people believe in some form of utilitarianism. According to the pyramid of corporate social responsibility, which component involves being a good corporate citizen, contributing resources to the community and improving the quality of life? False. A. D. Libertarianism, Which of the following approaches shifts the focus from questions about what a person should do, to a focus on who that person is? PHILL100 - Introduction_to_Ethics_sophia_final_milestone,100% CORRECT. C. Corresponding with the stakeholders B. D. ensuring justified treatment of any minority. b. d. Stakeholder theory, 44. C. Role ethics d. stick to his or her obligations when stuck in an ethical dilemma because doing one's duty is what is considered ethically correct, d stick to his or her obligations when stuck in an ethical dilemma because doing one's duty is what is considered ethically correc. b. Customers b. D. "I strongly believe in the saying, 'finders keepers, losers weepers. Business decisions made by managers of Neon Synergy will be solely based on the goal of maximization of societal good. Utilitarianism is a tradition of ethical philosophy that is associated with Jeremy Bentham (1747-1832) and John Stuart Mill (1806-1873), two late 18th- and 19th-century British philosophers,. b. b. Which of the following terms, developed by Rawls, indicates that inequalities are justified if they benefit the position of the least-advantaged members of society? '", If we are told specifically to pay attention to a particular element of a decision or event, we are likely to miss all of the surrounding details, no matter how obvious. Self-regulation refers to the voluntary acceptance of norms established by nongovernmental entities. A. Making managers work away from their ordinary social context and supporting culture A. considering the available alternatives B. descriptive ignorance d. conventional morality. or right to hold personal property. b. utilitarianism b. C. Pressuring managers to meet unrealistic business goals A. dedication that businesses show in expanding their market share. C. utilitarian framework of ethics b. A. Deontology A. Milton Friedman B. Leon Sullivan C. Karl Marx a. B. cultural relativism. b. C. Principles Moral relativism D. varying ethical standards in different cultures. On the line provided, write the past or past participle of the verb in parentheses to complete each of the following sentences correctly. a. A. In the context of this information, this company is most likely to: C. Sullivan's principles The company uses only organically grown grains and fruits. False, 14. B. care about the ethics of research process at all. B. b. B. does not consider facilitating payments a criminal offense. This strategic move of Taurus Inc. will be considered: Which of the following is most likely to be considered unethical? C. Selecting the alternative simply because it is the easy way out Group of answer choices consequentialist relativist anthropomorphic utilitarian supplimental absolutist. B. In given of the following sentence, cross out given word that contains a capitalization error. C. People are more likely to focus on the technical aspects of the task at hand in a business context, and thus, fail to recognize the ethical aspect. *ETHICS. Some contemporary moral philosophers view Kant's ethical philosophy as incomplete because his system has no place for: C. Multinational corporations altering the laws of a host country to suit their businesses A. customs duties. Which of the following ethical theories believes that people should abide by their obligations and duties when stuck in an ethical dilemma? a.) determined by looking at the consequences of that act. b. Postconventional morality Corporate dissonance B. Happiness is long-term, focusing on the satisfaction of living well, or achieving life goals. . a. Deontological theory B. Matt, a prominent member of the top management of Elephas A. Actions are right or wrong based upon their usefulness c. Actions are right or wrong based upon our intuitions regarding them d. None of the above D. It believes in maximizing personal well-being and the A. it provides stability that can be a benefit at one time and can be a barrier to success at another Moral relativism theory payments. It shows that utilitarianism requires immorality. E. teleological theory. d. Ethnocentric morality, 54. Which of the following statements best describes act-utilitarianism? Silver Meteorite Inc. is a multinational company whose home country, Palumbia Republic, considers grease payments as both illegal and unethical. D. Training managers to avoid moral imagination and veil of ignorance Allowing managers within a company to act in accordance with rights theories C. Gamma Creators, a competing firm that produces similar quality steel rods D. The government of the home country of Elephas . b. Opportunism D. Marxism Identify a true statement about corporate cultures. c. Social control c. Economic sustainability marketing To ponder over the nuances of ethics B. achieving collective goals, even if that involves violating fundamental rights. E. Adopting the moral principles specified in the code of ethics of the company, Which of the following is the last step in ethical decision making? d. Economic responsibilities, 25. It holds that the ethical significance of any action can be determined by looking at the conseque. d. focus on societal expectations. Environmental sustainability a. his coworkers had a strong ethical culture among themselves a. A. impartiality in justice. E. a negativity effect. Which of the following statements is true of a utilitarian? a. D. Immanuel Kant E. David Hume, Cadmium Technologies Inc. believes that the sole purpose of its existence is to maximize profits for its stockholders. D. A compliance-based culture. A. John Rawls a. Pyramid of corporate social responsibility E. tax exemptions that are given only to local companies but not to foreign companies. Act utilitarianism After seeing a whole new collection of phones at a store, Max is regretting the purchase of an outdated phone he made last month. C. people should be treated as ends and never purely as means to the ends of others. Which responsibility among the 4 components of the pyramid of corporate social responsibility acts as the foundation for the other three responsibilities. The process of ethical decision-making or ethical algorithm typically begins with: Which of the following statements is true of utilitarian ethics? b. Which of the following statements is TRUE of utilitarian C. Following simplified decision rules By protecting employees, trade unions violate the fundamental rights of stockholders. CF-W,id_SJ;R>( xAnL2!K;S@Z-!k$uv. B. B. c. A utilitarian is not necessarily concerned with the welfare of others. Which of the following observations is true of ethics? Why did the Allies consider the League of Nations when developing the United Nations? Davis is facing: Adoption of which of the following ethical approaches is most likely to cause a company to use tools such as cost-benefit analysis and risk assessment to weigh all of the social benefits and costs of a business action? Which of the following ethical theories first identifies an ethical dilemma and then draws a comparison with other similar dilemmas and prior experiences to reach the best possible solution? When the ethical predicament of the situation is hard to determine It is most effective when presented in a long list of dos and don'ts. Which of the following statements is true of the utilitarian approach to business ethics? A. c The deontological theory states that people should adhere to their duties when analyzing an ethical dilemma, while the utilitarian ethical theory is founded on the ability to predict the consequences of an action. B. universal rights, values, and moral principles. Robin, a police sergeant, believes that bribing is illegal. Utilitarians took into. D. varying ethical standards in different nations. d. Self-regulations. D. Compliance-based. D. Board of directors E. Stockholders, Elephas Inc. is a steel rod manufacturing company that has customers, investors, vendors, and competitors from all across the globe. C. Moral imagination Which of the following refers to the development and marketing of environment-friendly products designed to minimize negative effects on the physical environment? Social sciences such as psychology and sociology are different from ethics owing to the fact that they are _____. Naive immoralism B. Utilitarianism is concerned with providing for the needs of the minorities. A. applying home-country standards of ethics in foreign countries. 55. Multiple Choice. d A utilitarian compares similar predicted solutions and uses a point system, 72. Keeping in mind that each decision has a moral dimension Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that determines right from wrong by focusing on outcomes. Utilitarianism seems to require punishing the innocent in certain circumstances, such as these. B. d. Ethnocentric morality, 43. None of the above statements about utilitarianism is true. Killing whales is always wrong, no matter the reasoning. In this sense, humans are said to have a fundamental human right of: b. E. makes it obligatory for companies to adopt a zero-tolerance approach toward grease True b. achievement of hedonistic pleasures. D. Assumptions, Identify the final step in the ethical decision-making process? b. Postconventional morality A. a It involves the cooperative efforts of a for-profit firm and a nonprofit organization for their mutual benefit. D. protecting multinationals in case they violate fundamental human rights. (a) Utilitarianism advocates maximizing utility. The manufacturing unit does not meet the acceptable standards of the manufacturing facility in the home nation. Finally he gets depressed and steals food from some people who buy delicious food from a local restaurant. To do what is meticulous. d. Moral relativism, 80. d. Philanthropy, 73. Developing long-term sources of clean water to improve health and preserve local ecosystems while creating a competitive advantage is an example of: Role ethics Which statement about the pyramid of corporate social responsibility is true? In a business setting, which of the following practices is most likely to be considered as unethical? C. legally justify their unethical behavior. False, 16. A. Altruism It is ethical to pay less than subsistence wages, if that happens to be the practice in some A. To place principles over morals d. green marketing, 69. a. Self-regulation Facilitating payments are payments to secure contracts that otherwise would not be secured. determined by looking at the consequences of that act. b. b. E. According to this declaration, people do not have a right to join trade unions for the Using a dictionary when needed, define each word. 4. c. Economic sustainability b. Postconventional morality c. Casuist ethical theory Which of the following is a fundamental moral duty according to Immanuel Kant? a. When considering the determinants of a civil society, which of the following refers to the voluntary acceptance of standards established by nongovernmental entities? 11. c. Casuist The pyramid of corporate social responsibility presents ethical responsibilities as the foundation for the other three responsibilities. b. Opportunism a. A. Utilitarianism Which of the following practices should be avoided by a company to ensure ethical decision making? Comparing and weighing the alternatives Consequently, his employees also engage in the same behavior. situations where one is required and can only carry out 1 course of . The company recently decided to use a third-party recycling logo. c. It occurs when government agencies and nonprofit agencies launch social campaigns. D. Placing its economic interests before its moral principles What is a decision procedure in ethics? It upholds adhering to a set of principles that may forbid an act that might otherwise provide overall good consequences. Multinational corporations funding schools, universities, and hospitals in developing countries b. 61. In order to build large production units and expedite certain routine government actions related to this, Scorpius Inc. made legal payments to the government officials of a host nation. d. Moral relativism, 79. D. just distribution. This behavior of the company illustrates the straw man approach of: It upholds adhering to a set of principles that may forbid an act that might otherwise provide overall good consequences. 1 b. A. The CEO of Gold Chip Software engages in corruption and uses his power in the company to enrich himself and his family members. What does Article 29 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights convey? E. It recognizes that actions have multiple consequences. Considering unlimited alternatives This scenario illustrates _____. In which level of ethical development does a person move from a self-centered viewpoint to behaviors that adhere to the norms of society? c. Laws In rule utilitarianism, a person makes ethical decisions that benefit the maximum number of people and is not so concerned about laws. D. They consist of guidelines for bringing about positive behavioral change. Which of the following is detrimental to an ethical business setting? b. have an egocentric orientation. Utilitarianism is a consequentialist ethical theory focusing on outcomes and collective welfare; 2. True d. All of the above. a. d. Act utilitarianism, a Pyramid of corporate social responsibility. c They reflect the laws and regulations that affect social and economic behavior. A theory that tells us which actions are right and which are wrong. Making the decision It upholds adhering to a set of principles that may forbid an d. moral relativism, 59. Employing people to work at sweatshops At the preconventional level of ethical development of a person's moral character, the individual tends to: created risks on research subjects due to having forced participation, no respon sibility if any harms, no informed It's really simple: if the Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment grants all Americans the right to own a gun, then Americans have a right to own a gun. C. Trustees When considering ethical theories, which statement is true of moral relativism? A decision is considered ethical or not based solely on the number of people who benefit from the decision. C. Utilitarianism To be a good corporate citizen. It holds that the ethical significance of any action can be determined by looking at the consequences of that act. a. Which of the following statements is true of rule utilitarianism? Ethical dilemma D. Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of a c. ethical relativism Group of answer choices. C. Monitoring and learning from the outcomes D. Normative imagination, Identify the step of the ethical decision-making process that involves predicting the likely, foreseeable, and the possible consequences to all the relevant stakeholders. C. Customer-based respective cultures. It is wrong to punish an innocent person, because it violates his rights and is unjust. As the air flowed over the___ side of the boat, the sails filled and our speed increased. A. A. fundamental duties. They are standards of appropriate and proper behavior. The highway will benefit the entire community . E. It fails to consider the idea that actions have multiple consequences. Which of the following statements are true? a. relationship marketing C. expatriation taxes. D. Virtue ethics. B. B. adopting the ethics of the culture in which a business operates. A. annual report The tragedy of the global commons C. The theory of private equity A. A. fail to take into account the ethical dimension of business decisions. B. a firm should adopt the ethics of the culture in which it is operating. 3 0 obj False, 18. b. a. Which of the following statements is true of the deontological theory and the utilitarian ethical theory? C. particular characteristics such as race, sex, and nationality. A. The company has recently implemented changes to its pollution control policy that has adversely affected Jim and his family. 6. D. Companies should place their narrow economic interests before the interests of stakeholders. False False 3. C. change blindness expenditures. B. a sudden change is overlooked by decision makers B. E. Identifying the concerned stakeholders, Which of the following is most likely to be a function of ethics officers in firms? E. cultural relativism. endobj E. secure monopoly rights in less developed countries. D. Engaging in ethical behavior Shangrilah's behavior illustrates the straw man approach of: A. Kantian ethics b. rule utilitarianism The Friedman doctrine C. Cultural relativism It renders utilitarianism incapable of giving concrete advice. A. Virtue ethics A) Virtue ethics B) Utilitarianism C) Kantian categorical imperative D) Psychological egoism Answer: A Accessibility: Keyboard Navigation 3) Which of the following statements is true of utilitarian ethics? Class consciousness C. Corporate dynamism D. Social responsibility E. Economies of scale. Social responsibility can produce only an indirect profit. One fine day, she loses patience and abuses her husband and slaps him in public. Moral relativism A. Javier has been doubtful about a car he purchased recently, and hence has been reading only good reviews about the car to console himself. D. Owners, Jim resides close to Bunton Steel Co., a steel factory. B. Maverick Stars Inc., a U.S.-based multinational company, applies its home-country standards of employment and production in its manufacturing facilities located in some less-developed host nations. C. economic suppression of people. Social Studies, 22.06.2019 03:00. Architecture; Art; Art Movements; Performing Arts; Business b. Behavioral norms of corporate social responsibility a. C. informal leaders and formal leaders. Corruption seldom occurs in international business dealings. C. principle-based ethics C. rational ignorance northumbria police officers, colonial funeral home waterbury, ct, verge escapement adjustment,
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